Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I’m presumptuous. Therefore I write.

I’d like to star in my own show.

And then, while we’re at it

Could you consider letting me direct, produce and script it as well?

Perhaps, a little editing?

Would that be too much to ask?

Don’t want those places where I bloop the blooper

To be my publicity.

Unless it’s unglam all the way. You know,

The whole nine yards of angst.

That way, I can win an award for pretending?

So where were we? Oh yeah, my show.

Could I compose the song. And put in the music?

Write the score? Or score the score, or whatever?

But I don’t play the keyboard, the guitar or percussion.

Oh never mind, we’ll figure that one out.

Maybe have the spotlight trained mostly on me?

Oh, dint I tell you, I’m gonna star.

Yeah, I like the sound of that.

But I’d like to be my audience as well.

So how can we fix that?

I like sleeping in front of mirrors

And eating while watching television.

Then again, that has nothing to do with the show

I guess. But the show’s about me.

Too much of me? Whatdyamean there’s too much

Of me? Well that I disagree.

How can there possibly be too much

of me? What’s so too-much-about-me anyway?

Hello? The last time I checked,

This was still MY life.

And I haven’t written its rights off to anyone yet.

To whomsoever that may read this blog……

Let me be presumptuous enough to think that you just might be interested in what I have to (oh yes, its as compulsive as it gets) write about. And that you just might be interested enough (or strange enough) to actually follow my ‘going in circles’ trail of thought (wow).
About me? Girl, writer, (reluctant?) copywriter. Quite necessarily in that order, as future posts will prove. And I have this affliction of clutching my heart in my fist…so if blood makes you queasy, don’t tell me I did not warn you!


Shalini Surendran said...

Oh Danniee....!!!
Way to go! (Better late than never!)
Amazing start! Cheers :)

Alexina said...

ok i know im a lil late,
but since i did play a role in making this blog a reality,let me give you my blessings :)

shine on young one, shine on....