Monday, December 1, 2008

The day God smiled at us

Today is the 1st of December. And today the sky smiled at the earth. Two bright stars, well actually not stars, cos they’re supposed to be Venus and Jupiter or Venus and Mars. I donno. But anyways, these two shiny stars (that sounds prettier than planets) and a dear sickle moon together made this smiley face in the sky. It was like God was smiling or rather grinning at the earth. A rather toothy grin at that. It was so, so cute. Like someone took a chalk and drew a happy face in the sky. It beat all the batman insignias, the Lucies in the sky with diamonds, the pricey-always-has-to-make-an-entrance Haley’s comet, the shoemakers and the levies that ever graced the night sky.

Things have been particularly bad recently. With the economy slipping and sliding, leaving me in no sight of my raise, this nightmare in Bombay was the last thing we all needed. 10 boys who ought to be putting their time to better use like having wet dreams of Pamela Anderson or discussing cars or investing time in the countless mindless pursuits of youth, grabbed that fragile flea-bitten carpet of security that the government affords us, right from under our feet. How could 10 boys do so much damage? I’m still finding it very hard to come to terms with it. And so this smile in the sky did something wonderful to me. It made me happy. It made me feel comforted. Felt like there was someone looking after me, instead of that horrid feeling of being watched you usually have when you stay in the same city as half your snoopy relatives. I hope it portents some good. Christmas is round the corner. I hope there’s good news for the world yet. And I hope my raise comes somewhere within my immediate horizon. And I hope we all find a happy face looking back us from the mirror soon enough.


Maria said...

hey dan...delvin and i saw it too :)...we were on our way to the hospital..walking down the road,and happened to look down a side-road...and there it was!...shining brightly in the sky...made me feel comforted too...even though it was one of my tilting-towards-atheism days :p...(did you know that it's gonna take nearly 50 years for the same smile to light up the sky?!!)

refugee said...

pamela anderson?? is that the best you could conjure up???