Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So I was more ranting and less raving about the strange inhabitants of TV’s unsquare universe.(don't ask!) This is about one of those angels of mercy that saves this 'universe' from utter Dannie damnation. Do check out Each song on the album features a short film from across the world. And this song “let’s do the things we normally do” features none other than our capital of dreams, Mumbai. And it’s none other than that Goswami-babe who played Debbie in Rock On who stars or rather who does supreme justice to the song, the script and the city.

Now, Shahana Goswami gives the Bollywood version of sexy a really long, uphill run for its money - starlets, sad acting, Mallika’s whatever she did before she discovered comedy, item numbers et al. She has significantly raised the bar of a Bollywood-newcomer status from 56 lip locks; made performance a lot more than parting legs and gyrating around a pole or a guy or his pole and done enough to prevent anyone from asking ‘what has she ever done?’. For me, she was the hero of Rock On. Her character carried the soul of the movie with the most panache. Don’t get me wrong. Darling drummer boy Purab, Arjun Rampal’s silly moustache and long haired wasting away demigod, Farhan’s voice, take-me-home-NOW-rocker-man looks, nicely veined and muscled biceps (though he isn’t bollywood’s hottest guitar-wielding man. Saif is. The way Saif holds his guitar, you want to be the guitar. Sigh!) all worked for me. I came out of the theatre with the glow and shine of someone’s who has heard the messiah at the mountain and all. Though Luke Kenny was a damp squib. He was good and all for a non-Luke Kenny person. This was Luke Kenny man. He’s the First Citizen of Rock in this democracy. He knew his Metallica and Aerosmith before Unforgiven was followed by Hit Me Baby One More Time on many a blasphemous pink iPOD. So going and dying and all…was pffft! or maybe it was seeing someone so self-assured play someone so insecure( which he actually deserves credit for). Anyways, that Goswami chick rocked. Like seriously rocked. That was the movie’s message. “do anything less than what you’re made to do, and you’ll rot inside you’re living, breathing skin.”

In short, not your usual forgettable or worse, why-the-#%$^%^%#-hell-is-she-everywhere actress. So do check out the site and the short films. Believe me, it’ll be the best thing you gave your quickly depleting attention to in a long, long, longerthanyou’verealized time.

and watch the rest of the short films. let me know what you thought of them. especially Grafton street and Northern sky and Don't believe in love get the drift, right!


Shalini Surendran said...

Dannie's esteemed readers..!!!
Have u not watched those videos yet? Do u realise u r missing out something??
Dan - Video on Mumbai: I just love it! It's so raw, real and true!

MissAnnThrope said...

shalini surendran i'm going to hit you on the head