Sunday, January 4, 2009

new yeah

Well now, it’s a brand new year. And this one’s high on hope. After a year like 2008, which obviously didn’t look before it leaped, I’m really looking forward to a tamer year when people can keep their clothes on their back and the shoes on their feet, rather than throwing them at random presidents. This year, I hope we find a solution for global warming, traffic snarls and mosquitoes. I'm hoping the autorickshaw drivers in Cochin will stop being so pro-inflation and charge a little less than their I'm-so-going-to-hit-a-jackpot fares.

Anyways I 'found' a rather nice beginning. I bought a music album after ever so long. Not downloaded or ripped off from somewhere in a thumbdrive. I actually went to music store and picked up Dido’s Safe trip home. And it’s such a wonderful way to begin a year. Dido’s music is like a perfect cup of coffee after a particularly long hard day that’s gone straight to the back of your neck. And then I reconnected with old friends.

Old friends are the grandest. Not friends who are like decades older than you, but those who go "way back" to school pinafores or pain in the neck, high pitched college lecturers. (Just for the record, waiting for Dido’s widely spaced albums and finally picking it up is not unlike catching up with a long lost friend) Nothing beats them. Old girl buddies…I’m terribly sorry for those girls who claim they don't get along with other girls and only have male friends.(Peeeeeeeeeeti) And my heart bleeds little drops of contempt for those of them who can barely mask the pride in their high pitched voices as they make the claim. They have no idea what they are depriving their 50 year old selves. And they’ll never know what they’ve deprived their 20-somethings selves of. Gossip and hot coffee. Battling the inches together.Voiced opinions and eye contact jokes. Singing and caterwauling and cackling anyplace, anytime. And a sense of never ever being alone.

Happy is a rather agreeable feeling to begin the New Year with : )

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Sharath Kumar R said...

"Gossip and hot coffee" ... Is that all you can think of !!!