Monday, January 18, 2010

the infiniteness of talent

I’m in an exciting enough industry. Advertising has a lot of talent flowing freely through its creative veins. But sometimes you can take all the fantastic people and opportunity for granted and let ennui slip between your coffee breaks. And when you have done that, a day of sheer hard work with your nose pressed against the grind stone works for you like a fix works for a desperate druggie.

Today I had the privilege of working with some extremely talented people. People who are so married to their talent, and work on their passion like a person would work on a fragile marriage. People who are made of such potential and people who have every right to be pompous but don’t, they rather have their feet placed firmly on the good ol’ earth. People who are grateful for the opportunity that life and circumstance brings their way. Right from a make-up artist who is so married to her art, that she doesn’t think it beneath her to address you as ma’am though you are obviously so much younger and less experienced than her to a coordinator le extraordinaire who has all the right to strut around like the crane in the pond, but chooses to be humble and available, they have a way of putting things back into perspective.

After ages and ages, I finally got to work on a shoot. Shoots are great. A shoot means that the sweat and blood you put into a campaign is one step closer to seeing the light of day. Shoots are great because you get to meet a lot of talented individuals. Shoots are great because you get to touch base with the industry. But shoots can really test your patience and your limits of endurance. It means long hours of standing, diplomacy that can really start to fray within 2 hours, heat, temperamental people and don’t even get me started about that voice in your head that believes that it’s the only one with ideas in the room! But these are just the natural perils of every good thing that comes with a price.
So in an environment as volatile as this, that I could come out at the end of the day feeling extremely grateful for this long and exhausting Sunday, in a veritable state of high sort of reminded me that I was privileged. Because I have a place in this universe where my talent can find a voice. Now only if I could persuade myself to let it sing.

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