Wednesday, February 3, 2010

kya haaal hai

Waaaateeesthese, ya? first of all, I hardly watch the news. I'm always resolving to but I end up watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S instead. And on the rare day I switch on the news, all they want to talk about is how the Shiv Sena is mighty pissed off with Shah Rukh Khan or SRK (Bollywood loves acronyms and abbreviations, doesn't it! Remember KNPH, KHNH,KKKG, ETC.) Such a lot of gung-ho and all. Even Hitler would have been jealous! (Well..the dude did make a huge ruckuss called the WW2!) NDTV went on and on about how attacking Bollywood is a no-show cos it makes "soft target"! Yeah right! One day they say them and the likes of Dawood Ibrahim are like bumchums and the next they call them "soft targets". Am I the only one who is like really awful at math or does something really not add up here?
So today also, I didn't get much from watching the news except that it shed more light on the fact that Uddhav Thackeray only knows how to make a point with the fist (figuratively). I don't follow Hindi that well. But even I followed far enough to understand that I wasn't the one MISSING the point here.
There is this thing that I just DO NOT get! I just don't get it how Bollywood stars manage to put their foot into their mouth or do something to that effect, just before they have a release! Then it's all drama. Poster-tearing, banning the film, picketing, effigy-burning, yadayada. I wonder how much this "organized" sector contributes to the GDP. But you also know how the well-oiled wheels of publicity works, naa!? It could be that also, i am thinking. But all thinking and wondering and not-getting and math that doesn't add up is very strenuous. And having news that only wants to spend time discussing this is also strenuous. Cos then, all the news that is actually like news and not what-else-is-new comes in tickers; and then it's a veritable tug-of-war between what I ought to know and what I'm interested in. Bollywood is just the teeniest-weeniest bit more interesting than PC (P. Chidambaram NOT Priyanka Chopra, who, for the record, is also very interesting) talking with his Pakistani counterpart at the SAARC meeting. (yeay! i just looked at a newspaper after days)

Another thing, what I fail to understand is what role does the Sena have to play in Kerala. I came across a poster that said "Save Cochin. Join Shiv Sena". Now I'm totally flummoxed. There are only a fistful of manoos in Kerala, if there are any at all. I thought the Shiv Sena is about Marathis and Maharashtra belonging only to Marathis? So brings them all to Cochin? I donno. What they got planned to save Cochin also I don't know. But I know we rather like the little diversity we have here. Having a Punjabi, Gujju, Marwadi, Pattar and all in our gang of friends is very, very cool. We like sampling multi-cuisine and all at zero cost.Please don't put cockroach in our Aloo ka paratha, thairusadham, patrode (which is a yum dish and not the past tense of pat rides), dhoklas, pani puris and all. Please don't spoil our rather nice cultural avial! Very much thanks!


$$ said...

Dan... remember HOD's reporting class, where we used to discuss the front page news and editorial, just to avoid being a looser in his class?!

MissAnnThrope said...

i swear man! but next to gayu there simply was no hope. she knew the headlines, the history of the headlines, who the grand-uncle and the grand-aunt of the person who made the headlines was! we always looked like losers