Wednesday, February 3, 2010

yo grammy so ugly, it makes me go GAAH GAAH

The grammy's are announced. And I of course, have an opinion. Don't I always!? And of course I must announce it. That is the purpose of this blog - to air my neverending, of-great-gravity opinion. I must opiniate.
First things first. AR Rahman did us proud by bringing home not one, but two Grammys. When you have two grannys why settle for one grammy! Ok that wasn’t not even a joke but I couldn't resist. So now he'll be known as Grammy Award Winner AR Rahman. Grammy Award Winner and AR Rahman will be inseparable henceforth.
And his most humbling experience perhaps, would be looking at his passport. There he’d just be AR Rahman or Rahman AR of whatever. Speaking of which, I wonder what Queen Elizabeth's passport says! But this isn't about Queen Elizabeth's passport or AR Rahman's passport or even AR Rahman for that matter. And I wasn’t saying that his head is too big for his size. The man is humble enough, it's just the way we are. It us, not him! Henceforth any literature on AR Rahman will without doubt have "the Grammy winner" and "the Academy Award Winner" as other ways of referring to him. To add pizazz to the copy, i suppose. They'll replace "the very talented" and "India's musical wonder" might be given a rest, and TGW and TAW will be his official adjectives or appellatives or whatever in the fancy circles.
By now you must really think this is about AR RAHMAN. It's not. It's supposed to be about the grammys but apparently it insists on delving on AR RAHMAN.
The grammys. Well music is not what it used to be. I didn't watch it, I sort of missed the show. But I heard someone play the highlights and people had more to speak about how well others are endowed in other respects than music. What I heard was how well people were endowed down south and they weren’t talking about Alabama! I don’t remember music being mentioned. But I could be wrong.
Tommy Lee wanted to publicly announce that he was getting some that night. I mean what happened to the music? What happened to the power performances people raved about and didn't get over for days? What happened to us actually caring about the grammys?
I haven't walked into a music store in years. Weird for someone who used to go in every week and drool over the new albums and spend more money on music than on food (strictly based on the law of averages).This Lady Ga Ga, discosticks and pokerface and all. What is she about?
She more like Lady GAH GAH (if you read comic books you know what that means. if you haven't, you don't, and you're also a sadass - it's an interjection that denoted frustration or disgust. really, now!) I don't like her. I don't believe I mentioned that. Why has music come to this, when some woman from Mars rules the charts and has a fan following! It's peth-et-ick! The Grammys used to be about the eternals. Not about hype.
I was doing some reading up on the Grammys and this entire article was about what each celebrity wore. I'm sorry I thought I was reading up on the Grammys and not the Milan Fashion Week. Why are we discussing clothes here? Speaking of clothes, if you haven't seen what Britney Spears wore, you must. It looked like Spiderman designed the damn thing for her. She must have thought, "OK I'm not getting a Grammy, so I'm going to get all the attention i get. cos thats the other thing i'm addicted to". At least I hope she knew she was winning anything.
I’m doing it as well. This post is getting too depressing. I'm going to stop.

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