Thursday, March 18, 2010


Can you believe Mayawati? The woman's antics make the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and every other public weirdo as mundane as a hamster on its wheel. :P How she gets away with it is beyond me. I mean, is sycophancy that strong a force in the Indian psyche? Just when i was beginning to get used to the idea of her garland made of carefully crafted currency and her party's (party is a great word. But it think CIRCUS would be far more appropriate a word considering the clowns in it) so-called defiance to the muchly-envious opposition who is making such a big deal (so-unreasonably-really-now?) of it by the self-diktat that they henceforth, will only offer currency garlands, she goes and makes another beee-g issue.

Her rally was buzzing with more action than she actually cared for, courtesy a battalion of really angry bees. Quite miraculously, or at least according to Mayawati, not a single supporter was stung. Now, wow! Her mayajal works on bees also? But the fact that NOT a single supporter was stung or at least that no one proved otherwise, was not quite enough I guess. Nope Mayamadam is REALLY put off. She's got the entire police force, who in turn possibly wants to confer the Param Vir Chakra on her for keeping calm, doing an enquiry.

It's not her. It's us. How can we possibly condone this? Our country is supposed to be, despite popular belief - despite the rat worshipping, despite our legacy of superstition, despite hundred other despites, a nation of rational human beings. How on earth do we just read about the crazy slash ridiculously extravagant slash obviously corrupt slash crazy all over again slash no-way-in-hell-could-she-be-affording-to-do-this-honestly things in magazine and just flip the page and go on to the next story! How does the establishment explain this? How low are her "wellwishers" willing to sink? Whatever. All that being said, I think she's more news worthy than all the denizens of the page three universe put together. She's doing far more interesting things in her time than stuffy brunches and yawn cocktails. Speaking of which, i wonder if she's got Guccis and Louis Vuittons in that multi-million bag collection of hers.

Do I admire this woman? Hell yes I do. Like i said, it's us I have the problem with.