Sunday, August 1, 2010


Economies can rise and fall, stock markets can crash and catapult, industries can boom and fizzle. But its been a long, long time since the world stopped to reconsider and reevaluate the market value of dignity. A personal asset of absurdly high capital value, paradoxically without currency, we've chosen to forget the role it plays in the economics of everyday life. No exchange value, no role. Short of shelf life, easily tradable and grossly undervalued, its personal cost is much too high that its upkeep is something most of us believe we can do without. A white elephant, an heirloom that's been with the family for ages, cherished but redundant. Unlike deposits or bonds, dignity does not grow by the principle of interest over time and crashes in a tizzy faster than the grizzliest of bear markets.

Lets talk about dignity's primary nemesis Ass Licking. It offers more feasible investment opportunities, likely returns and offers shareholder benefits of, well, holding something. What, is a matter of absolute discretion. An archaic notion like dignity stands as much a chance as a hothouse flower in the Arctic. The sun shines not in the sky anymore, but from scores of decision-making rearends, requiring the good people of the universe to trade their non-performing assets like dignity and originality for more speculative goods like servitude and sycophancy. Conference rooms turn into echo chambers, parliamentary sessions turn into auctions, catwalks turn into assembly lines, people turn into statistics, governance into window displays of too large teeth and shaking hands. Governments annihilate scores of lives in cold blood. We live by cues and in cages. Leftist, right wing, social worker, politico, bitch, sonofabitch, snitch, informant, performer, troublemaker (mime gesture: hand slicing across neck), pervert, opportunist, terrorist, self-righteousist, fagot, dyke. So many tags, lest we forget our roles in the grand scheme of things. All the world is a stage and we are all but backstabbers. We're all a part of a carefully formulated plan. A plan that gives only two-options. Voluntary bending over. Or forced down on your knees hands bound by your so-called dignity. You know the drill. It's your choice at the end of the day, hey!

Welcome to the lap dog economy.


Sidu said...

girl ur talent is gaining an elegance of its own... ... well darling this is what i call a polished work. kudos

MissAnnThrope said...

thank you sidu. :D