Friday, December 31, 2010

sin-ster this song is like a terribly sexy song. and ever since i heard it on the soundtrack of "love actually" it's driven me crazy. it's what inspired me to write the piece below. i hope it reminds you of that someone or something that reduces you to nothing. i say something, cos right now in my life, sin and temptation only pertains to oreo cookies.
listen to it while you read it :D

It's sin and you know it very well. And you know better that you're going to give into it. There could be hell to pay. You dangle the choice like loose change in your pockets. Your breath is a demented prisoner, caught somewhere, tangled and mangled in its own delirium. The blinding flash of desire. You let your self melt away into the moment. Doubling over with want. Your fingers chase the restless spiders in your hair and an icicle makes its slow, painful progress down your spine. Deafening pounding in your ears and your chest tightens till you think you'll explode with what you contain within yourself. sweet lust. the buzz in your head and your silly palpitating heart, flailing like a fish out of water. that delicious moment. words reduce your stomach to water. will becomes a weak would. knees made of melting wax and veins flowing with white heat. better than chocolate. better than ice cream. better than the warm amber of whiskey. forever waits like a foolish lover in the rain. the moment is all you know and you care. and you felt alive, like never before! The moment you touched.

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