Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the cold

during those days, the cold would wedge its icy fingers in between windows and doors. Making them so hard to close, that people often choose to leave them unlatched. Locks never clicked into the assurance of safety, bolts never reached the protecting embrace of their other halves and latches, despite their best efforts, despite stretching their desperate arms and reaching out, failed to find their way home.
Yes, during winter, the cold was an unwelcome guest, an intruder,who found its way into houses. It settled under sheets, jammed cupboards and chilled bones. But the real vileness was that, in winter, the cold wedged itself between people, making it impossible for them to get close. Half-closed, unsecured, intrudable. Left open to the outside world. The cold settled between people, making them fall apart with a jump and thud that startled a deathly quiet room.

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