Friday, January 21, 2011

silly poem time, people!

i found 'em goody-two shoes
And i tried 'em on.
I found 'em goody-two shoes
And boy, I shouldn't have tried em on.
The beastly things pinched much
tore my ankles and ripped my toes.
Scalded my soles and turned them into mulch.
They were uncomfortable, and
I couldn't take two steps without wanting
to throw them far, far away.

Those goody-two shoes,
well they didn't get me far.
Those Goody-two shoes.
man did they scar!
I yelped, winced and twisted in pain.
So bad, that i thought i wouldn't walk again.
I tried em bloody goody two shoes
They were the tightest things ever.
Worse than constipation and worse than having my nose stuffed with cotton wool.
And sweet lord, it was even worse than Sunday school.
Them shoes, with their ugly buckles
and their tattle tongues
trying to fit me in places where i never would be.
shoehorning me into a typecast - someone else's idea of who i must be.
Those goody-two shoes with their sensible heels
made me shorter than everyone - so that i would learn to feel less than my self.
Those horrid shoes, that belonged to everyone else but me.
My supposed lesson in empathy.
Fuck em goody two shoes.
Give me my good old, worn ones -
covered in the dust of all the places that i've been.
Give me my terribly but unapologetically dirty ones.
Those size 4s you'd recognize anywhere as mine,
Be it heaven, hell or hunoswathallidisis!


Meety said...

Nice :-) I the likes!!!

MissAnnThrope said...

thank you dear..thank you :D