Saturday, February 12, 2011

crib, crib, crib

Mummy: Dannie, eat your crow and stop complaining.

Dannie: But mummmmmmmieeeee…do i have to? i hate crow!

Mummy: Stop fussing child and be grateful that it's warm. so many children don't even have that. And you are hardly a child. You're a stupid, unmarried 27 year old.

Dannie: Now, don't bring my age into this.

Mummy: (mockingly) Yes, yes princess! Of course i will bring your age into this. At your age I had two children.

Dannie: (muttering, but not quite soft enough) Ooh some accomplishment, that!

Mummy: What's that? see? This is why you end up like this. With a mouthful of horrible tasting crow. Stubborn, arrogant little hussies like you deserve to eat crow all day. Eat it now.

Dannie: (whiningly) AAI HAY-TE CROW

Mummy: And yes, you have a choice, right? Be thankful you still have the option of eating crow. it's not too late. You can still make amends for your stupidity, idiocy and arrogance. But remember next time you're tempted to do something really dumb, your elders know better. And listen to us! remember how you yourself fell with your face in the mud - all your fault, ketto? If you've learnt your lesson, well and good for you. Sit there quietly and eat it fast, it's getting cold now!

Dannie: (To myself, softly this time) oh geezzz…like crow isn't enough, she has to top it off with gyan and butter it with those godawful I-told-you-so's. Damn you, ex-boyfriend. I hope you fry in eat-crow-all-day-hell. It's your fault i'm being subjected to this. grrrrrr!

Mummy: Well, since you're eating all that crow, you might as well eat your own words. There's a whole lot of them leftover. Eat them fast, before more people get to know about your foolishness. For once your big, fat mouth will be of some use.

Dannie: ( meekly. very, very meekly) yes, mummy.

*** and this is how i feel about being inducted into the great proposal thamasha slash circus. Now i know why people throw in the towel and say "Go ahead, oh great parents, and find me that perfect person who has been evading me all this while. I'll be the dutiful son slash daughter and do as you say. i fall at thy lotus feet." The peace and quiet, as promised in the brochure of dutiful children and arranged marriage, is tempting, i must say. As long as they are busy finding people, they stay occupied enough to stay out of your hair and will quit complaining. Aaah, bliss! So here i am, taking back all my words, and giving the parents the green signal. But ha ha..conditions apply :D

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Sharath Kumar R said...

I hear ya sista ... I'm going through the same thing on my end too!

Only difference is that since I'm not in the country - pressuring me becomes a little more challenging - especially when I have the option of cutting the phone call when they get too annoyingly pushy abt the matter - and blame it on choppy network coverage/skype bugs/solar flares/cosmic dust/etc.

(My mom's a bit of a cheapo when it comes to spending the moolah to MAKE the ISD call, atleast till now, and so things have been bearable so far!)

I feel for u kiddo ... May your soul rest in peace !!!
[ And my folks wonder why I don't wanna come back to India ]

Allathe entthu parayaan aa ...