Friday, April 29, 2011


Between lunges. Between laps. Between falls. Between beatings. Between desperation. Between kisses. Between bitter words. Between lip synching. Between pouring your heart out. Between contractions. Between laughing. Between racking sobs. Between skipping a heartbeat. Between losing your mind. Between crumbling to nothing. Between putting the pieces together again. Between breakdowns. Between making love. Between your routine headlong crashes. Between role plays. Between shifting shapes. Between flying. Between sinking. Between sips of coffee. Between gulps. Between scalded tongues and. between getting burnt. Between messes. Between spring cleaning. Between chewing more than you can bite. Between being stifled. Between smothering. Between panic button pushes. Between paranoiac fits. Between adrenaline rushes. Between going blue in the face. Between unforgiveness. Between loss. Between delirium. Between freedom. Between dancing. Between catching up. Between highs. Between lows. Between building. Between wrecks. Between repair. Between fights. Between accusations. Between salvaging. Between salvation. Between damnation. Between thresholds. Between limits. Between being right. Between mistakes. Between scandals. Between humiliation. Between redemption. Between faltering. Between courage. Between losing your way. Between coming back. Between abandonment. Between hesitation. Between haste. Between getting wasted. Between before and afters. Between in-betweens. Between bottoms-ups. Between upside-downs. Between letting go. Between holding on for dear life. Between screaming your lungs out. Between ennui. Between act 1 and act 2. Between the moment you decide to jump off the edge and the moment you actually jump. Between having the time of your life. Between everyday deaths.
Don't forget to breathe.


Sharath Kumar R said...

Vattu aayo kutti ?

MissAnnThrope said...

something like that ;)