Friday, May 27, 2011


Dead-for-many-years-great gran: "My great granddaughter is terrified that she might see a ghost?"
Dead-for-as-many-years-colleague-in-death: "That makes her great? She's great cos she's afraid of seeing a ghost?"
Dead-for-many-years-great gran: "No, you nut, with a brain deader than my 43 year old corpse. I'm talking about my son's granddaughter. That makes her my great granddaughter, like in great is a part of the noun and not an adjective! The silly girl is terrified of seeing a ghost!"
Dead-for-as-many-years-colleague-in-death: "You mean she's seen one? Interesting!"
Dead-for-many-years-great gran: "No. that's the thing. She's not seen one. Well, not yet. Though i have a good mind to reveal myself to her."
Dead-for-as-many-years-colleague-in-death: "I wouldn't recommend that. It's not nice to see a spook flash. I mean, I do find you hot and all, but them living 'uns like a lil skin, bone and flesh..and err...jiggly bits...aaah.. i miss jiggly bits!"
Dead-for-many-years-great gran: "Not like that kind of reveal, you stupid dead bat. Reveal like in show myself to her. So that she would know that it's not a big deal to see a ghost."
Dead-for-as-many-years-colleague-in-death: "But if she hasn't seen a ghost, how does she know she's scared of seeing one? She might like our company, for all she knows. We're darned better than the company she sometimes keeps!"
Dead-for-many-years-great gran: "That's exactly it. The silly child is in the habit of fearing things in advance. And then most of the time, it's never as bad as she thought it would be. Meanwhile she's spent enough sleepless nights, wasted enough time and lost enough hair doing her I'm-so-scared-shitless routine. And then after the event, she's like "Aiye! Only so much? THAT's what I've been scared of all this while?" And then she struts around as if she's swum the English Channel with a handicap and does her Jhansi-ki-Rani-oh-I'm-so-brave act. Happily forgetting that it was all in her head."
Dead-for-as-many-years-colleague-in-death: "Oh that is very silly indeed! But i find her rather amusing, ...errr... I meant intriguing, I swear, I meant intriguing. Tell me more about her and her silly ways. I've forgotten how silly human girls can be. "
Dead-for-many-years-great gran: "You deadbeat jerk, I'm not having this conversation with you to entertain you with the capers of my featherbrain descendant! I'm at a loss what to do about this girl! ARRGH, she makes me so mad. She sets my long-worm-eaten-teeth on its long-worm-eaten edge. When she was little, she used to be terrified of bridges, water, the witch in the well and the monster family under her bed. Now I think her mum ought to be afraid of the boys under her bed!"
Dead-for-as-many-years-colleague-in-death: "REALLY? You're great granddaughter is a racy one? OOOHH"
Dead-for-many-years-great gran: "I WISH. The child who is not-so-much-a-child is commitment-phobic. She gets her hands burnt on nothings and then claims to be scared of the real thing"
Dead-for-as-many-years-colleague-in-death: "She's scared of that also? Let me guess, not tried that either?"
Dead-for-many-years-great gran: "For once you've gotten something right! I wish she would just stop being so afraid and just live for once."

**My greatgranny was supposedly a feisty one. REALLY FEISTY. Apparently she would stop at nothing, and I guess having a silly goose like me for a great granddaughter must make her somersault in her grave, ever so often. I'm not so afraid of seeing a ghost anymore, just like I'm trying to get over my fear of a lot of other things. So here goes everything. :)


Meety said...

Well... your great granny seems to be quite a smartie :-)

MissAnnThrope said...

the woman had balls i tell you!! and brains :)