Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Morning genius

I love cooking. But i love being lazy even more. So when ho-hum oats is all I can muster time and energy up for in the morning, we need to get more imaginative. Ladies and gentlemen (do they still call them that?) I give you Oreo Cookies. Oreo cookies have been making the world a better place, so effectively for so long, that they could use Michael Jackson's Heal the World as an effective ad soundtrack. So why would they treat my oatmeal breakfast any differently? 

Oreo cookies are to my breakfast what black stilettos are to the most boring meeting during the most boring afternoon on earth kinda outfit. Instant, unhealthy, glamour. So let's have some instant, unhealthy glamour, please? Crumble and sprinkle generously over the oatmeal for some morning magic. I'm yummy-happy! 

1 comment:

bigbaldnbearded said...

nice click! looks yummy! and sweeeeeeeet! uyyo! try oats with apples and a little cinnamon next time ..