Monday, July 4, 2011


She fell asleep a lot.
She fell asleep during drives.
Long and short.
She fell asleep in between movies.
She fell asleep on his shoulder,
She fell asleep on his lap,
while he traced her dreams in her hair with his fingers.
She fell asleep before dinners
and after them too.
And she fell asleep in his arms.
She fell asleep, and she fell deep.
She should have been very, very worried.
She'd even fallen asleep in between conversations.
But she wasn't. 
For, before he happened to her, 
She stayed awake all white nights long,
dreaming dreams of sleep


de silent spectator said...

all i got to say is 'wow'
all i have for you is 'awe'

sahit anand said...

As always. You make us readers live your words in our heads as we read it.
Real nice

MissAnnThrope said...

thank yous :)