Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the trees are not lonely

At night, the mango trees turned into amorous creatures. Creatures with desperate needs. They reached their long arms with all the length of their longing. Their leaves rustled with the ardour of poems, sonnets and love songs. Their leaves trembled like how leaves tremble, with the desperateness of want. While their roots held them prisoners of inhibition. The mango trees longed and longed. For that one night in their lives, when their longings had weighed on the earth so hard and their barks, thick with ardour, cracked with desperation and the rains cried their tears of loneliness, that they were allowed to put their arms around the one they loved. The one night from which they were considered worthy of love. That one night. When the trees stopped longing and instead loved. When mango trees put their arms around each other. Entwined. The caress of leaves. The sigh of flowers. Fruits that they would bear. Dreams of sticky golden sap, feral moss and brown bark under starlight. The night they would hold one another and take on the shape of the other. When they would forever take on the shape of that first embrace. Bow-legged; bow-limbed - each branch bent forever in the stencil of the other. Bent where the other fit. In the morn, when they were apart, the sun would filter down through the spaces the other left. The wind would bring fragrances from the other, and leave it tucked in the crevices, the dimples and the hollows formed from the very first coupling. Mango leaf fragrances; mango flesh sweetness. Branch between branch. Leaf against leaf. 

The cuckoo, upon hearing the story, sighed like girl friends, its cooing sigh echoing; gossipy parrots in gossipy sessions would swing from its branches screeching like paan-chewing red-mouthed coarse women who made coarse jokes; crows cawed their indifference. Ants built their sticky fragrant ants nest, feeding off the nectar sweat from the night before. Sticky sweet. Sticky smears. Sticky kisses and amber wet. One tree for the other. Forever and ever. One filling the gaps of the other, forever and a day. The gaps i have, you'll fill; just as yours, I will. Forever and ever. Night after night. when we turn into trees. When we turn into amorous creatures. 

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