Wednesday, August 15, 2012

mellow drama #3

There used to be magic in these boxes. Before they drank us dry of all our wonder. There was a time when we smelled of the sun and the leaves, and heard the music in the stars and whispered secrets with the rivers. And then the skyline grew ugly scales and cancerous lumps filled with puss on its back. The sun turned away, no longer a friend. It grew indifferent and in between our fingers, centipedes laid eggs and we could hold each other no more. It was sad, sadder than we knew sad could ever be. The heartbreak left us with cracked eyes and we saw everything with scattered vision. That was the end of things as we’d like to forget it. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dance. While you can.

Be a dancer.

Not of steps and choreography. But of movement. 

Of balance. Of taking risks and of unafraidness. 

 Sound of passion; sound of assurance. Of awareness. 

 Of willingness to follow. Of rhythm. Of being a part of a larger picture. Of synchrony.

Of uncomplicating. 

 Of having a good time.

Of doing it like nobody’s watching. Of not caring.

Of knowing your self and your footing.Of trying and trying and trying till you get it like you invented it.

Be joyous. Be fluid. 

  In everything you do, be a dancer. Dance, because you must. 

  (I love shooting people dancing. There is such power and magic. This series features two different scenarios - Keya warming up before her class: gathering her mojo, feeding her limbs with power and a party where everyone's just having a blast. Two completely different situations. But they're all living a moment for themselves. They're all dancing.) 

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Pigeon1: “Oooh look dude, new neighbours. And it’s a giiirl!”
Pigeon2: Ooh.. lemme see! lemme see! chick, eh?
Pigeon1: Naaaaah. Not my type. I like mine with feathers. You those that you can ruffle....rowwwf. 
Pigeon2: Yeah yeah. oh look she’s looking us. Should we wave?

Pigeon1: No, you ninny. Pre-ten-ddd to be disintested. Or she might come over and say hello, like as if she expects to engange in intelligent conversation. I’m sure she cant speak pigeon. 

Pigeon2: Yeah dude. The only time they come close to speaking pigeon is when they (does wing version of elbowing)! Hyuk! Hyuk!

 Pigeon1: Oh, what’s that! What’s that. That whiiring sound..Gah. She’s one of THOSE. There’s only one thing more annoying than a human girl that says hello to pigeons, and that’s a human girl with a camera that says hello to pigeons! Pretentious is wat I call it! Shooting everything in sight, like we pigeons were an endangered species or something! 

Pigeon2: Should we strike a pose. (A little anxiuosly) Is my crown alright? No feathers sticking up, no? Do I have something stuck between my beak? I hope I don’t look too blinded by the flash!

Pigeon1: (hisses between teeth) Compose yourself you eejit. Oh no no no no no... she’s coming closer.

Pigeon2: Duuuuude I’m nervous. What if she asks my opinion on Romney? Can I tell her I look forward to pooping on his statue with the demented smile statues have? So that she’ll think I’m an informed pigeon!

Pigeon1: Shhhh.. Give her the gangsta look. Scare her into walking back. She can’t be this forward. Audacious. 

Pigeon2: Dude! It’s not working. Doooooooodddd!  

Pigeon1: Not working. I’m out of here.

Pigeon2: Wait wait wait. O! He’s gone. to chat ..butttt...(peers down in mock attnetion) What’s that you said? You need me down there? haha..Later then, yeah?

Pigeon2: Dont look up dude, but she’s still looking. You think she might be falling for me?

Pigeon1: There goes the neighbourhood!