Monday, August 13, 2012

Dance. While you can.

Be a dancer.

Not of steps and choreography. But of movement. 

Of balance. Of taking risks and of unafraidness. 

 Sound of passion; sound of assurance. Of awareness. 

 Of willingness to follow. Of rhythm. Of being a part of a larger picture. Of synchrony.

Of uncomplicating. 

 Of having a good time.

Of doing it like nobody’s watching. Of not caring.

Of knowing your self and your footing.Of trying and trying and trying till you get it like you invented it.

Be joyous. Be fluid. 

  In everything you do, be a dancer. Dance, because you must. 

  (I love shooting people dancing. There is such power and magic. This series features two different scenarios - Keya warming up before her class: gathering her mojo, feeding her limbs with power and a party where everyone's just having a blast. Two completely different situations. But they're all living a moment for themselves. They're all dancing.) 

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shahid mohammed said...

good light. nice time, you should try them in low shutter speed.