Sunday, August 5, 2012


Pigeon1: “Oooh look dude, new neighbours. And it’s a giiirl!”
Pigeon2: Ooh.. lemme see! lemme see! chick, eh?
Pigeon1: Naaaaah. Not my type. I like mine with feathers. You those that you can ruffle....rowwwf. 
Pigeon2: Yeah yeah. oh look she’s looking us. Should we wave?

Pigeon1: No, you ninny. Pre-ten-ddd to be disintested. Or she might come over and say hello, like as if she expects to engange in intelligent conversation. I’m sure she cant speak pigeon. 

Pigeon2: Yeah dude. The only time they come close to speaking pigeon is when they (does wing version of elbowing)! Hyuk! Hyuk!

 Pigeon1: Oh, what’s that! What’s that. That whiiring sound..Gah. She’s one of THOSE. There’s only one thing more annoying than a human girl that says hello to pigeons, and that’s a human girl with a camera that says hello to pigeons! Pretentious is wat I call it! Shooting everything in sight, like we pigeons were an endangered species or something! 

Pigeon2: Should we strike a pose. (A little anxiuosly) Is my crown alright? No feathers sticking up, no? Do I have something stuck between my beak? I hope I don’t look too blinded by the flash!

Pigeon1: (hisses between teeth) Compose yourself you eejit. Oh no no no no no... she’s coming closer.

Pigeon2: Duuuuude I’m nervous. What if she asks my opinion on Romney? Can I tell her I look forward to pooping on his statue with the demented smile statues have? So that she’ll think I’m an informed pigeon!

Pigeon1: Shhhh.. Give her the gangsta look. Scare her into walking back. She can’t be this forward. Audacious. 

Pigeon2: Dude! It’s not working. Doooooooodddd!  

Pigeon1: Not working. I’m out of here.

Pigeon2: Wait wait wait. O! He’s gone. to chat ..butttt...(peers down in mock attnetion) What’s that you said? You need me down there? haha..Later then, yeah?

Pigeon2: Dont look up dude, but she’s still looking. You think she might be falling for me?

Pigeon1: There goes the neighbourhood!  

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