Thursday, February 14, 2013

Please sir, can I have some more.

I'm not too big on Valentine's Day. One, it competes for mindspace with my mum's birthday which falls on the same day. Mummy vs. boyfriend. It's no contest really. Boyfriend mostly wins. Unless you are single, you can wipe that sanctimonious scowl of disbelief off your face - you judgemental justasguiltyasiam Pharisee. But not on her birthday. What kind of cad daughter do you think I am, huh? Yes, the kind that never listens to her, and breaks her heart everyday with my difficulture. I'm so difficult that I'm a culture unto myself. But the thing is I've never listened to my elders. So I just can't get it why they haven't caught on yet and WHY ARE THEY STILL SO DAMN SURPRISED? I've never set an obedience precedent. And yet, nearly thirty years since inception, they still except better out of me. I'll never get that. 

Digressed much, haven't we? Sorry about that. My attention span is a dandelion in the wind, a narcissist in a hall of mirrors, a child in a candy store. We were talking about Valentine's Day and how I'm not a cad daughter of the not-being-nice-enough-to-my-mother-on-her-birthday kind. Valentine's Day is also my mum's birthday. And there's something infinitely iffy about mixing lovers' day business and mum's birthday business. Valentine's Day is associated with way too many memories of making cards for mum (much more fun than any store bought nonsense I've nonsensed away my money on) and buying her a present. Which by the way, was two why Valentine's Day didn't have too much sway for it - my wallet couldn't hold the swagger of buying two many gifts. OKAY, time out. What kind of post is this?

It's a Valentine's Day post. A today Valentine's Day post. A Valentine's Day that's turned out to be far happier than most Valentine's Days in the recent and not-so-past. A Valentine's Day with a whole lot more happier people, being happy about Valentine's Day since those long ago birthday celebrations with mummy, before love came along to ruin this day for all of us. This Valentine's Day enjoys more per capita loveasloveshouldbe than any other one in the history of Dannilla Donald Correya. And that makes me happy. So many happy lovers around me, discovering (albeit a little foolishly) just how wonderful and good love can be. Friends warming up cold soup and bleching at it, finally, mustering up the courage to throw away the cold, old soup and making some hot new soup. And smiling at how awesome new soup tastes. New soup is good. New soup is very good. New soup can be very wonderful. Especially if it never gets old. Or cold. Let's hope it never does. Here's to perpetually hot soup. Even if it gets a little to literal. Love was meant to be all that a soup is supposed to be - scalding, thick, delicious, nourishing and with a little bit of a, let's say, stir in it.   

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