Friday, July 12, 2013

To a silly dog with a sillier name

Sleep well, sweet dog.
You've been more than a friend
You ridiculous clown
You smelly-mouthed heart-stealer
You restless fur ball
You loyal old soul
You overgrown puppy
You poker-faced opportunist
You unforgiving cat-killer
You reluctant obeyer
You quiet thinker
You curious-as-a- cat canine
You all-sharp-teeth-out grinner
You four-legged hugger
You wet-nosed manipulator
You super-intelligent goof
You unconditional worshiper of mummy
You mad sweetheart
You amber-eyed con artist
You biscuit bargainer
You suspicious-looks-over-the-bowl eater
You guileless charmer
You wonderful creature
Love couldn't find a funnier shell
Than all that you've been.
Sleep well, sweet dog,
Who never quite got the hang of shaking hands.  

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