Thursday, September 12, 2013


Hey there epiphany. I'm waiting for you. I'm waiting for that moment when the clouds will part and the sun, will make its way through. Or maybe not even that. No problem if the clouds don't part or anything. I'm alright with the clouds growing darker and darker and more sinister and ominous and every other word concocted by the English language that conveys all that, to that effect. And then maybe, some rain? A drizzle would better a no-show by a small margin. A little rain would get all those earthy smells out - petrichor, the word, I believe would be. Yes, that would be good. That would be alright. But if it isn't too much, a downpour would be brilliant. A 3 o'clock proper drench and drown session. Have everyone gasping. Throw in a rumble of thunder and a crash of lightning. Repeat if necessary. Padam-puh-daauush.  Something. Anything. I'm waiting. Like I have been for a while. But I'm growing impatient. Maybe I'll just wreck out my home grown variety of storm. And see what happens. Perhaps I will.